Tiitu Takalo

Comic Artist and Illustrator

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The New Graphic Novel of Tiitu Takalo "Tuuli ja myrsky", Suuri Kurpitsa-Publishing 2009

The cover of Tiitu Takalo's new graphic novel Tuuli ja myrsky.

Feminist, comic artist, visual artist, illustrator, daughter, sister, friend, resident of Annikki.

Good things: self-defense, co-operation, friends, zines, punk gigs, good self determined art in all its forms in public spaces, feminist bookshops, do-it-yourself culture, small-press comics publishing, dancing without rules, squatting houses, reclaiming streets, joy and courage.


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Tiitu´s graphic novel Me, Mikko and Annikki: A Community Love Story in a Finnish City was published in August 2019 by North Atlantic Books.


Graphics & concept: Tiitu Takalo
Web design, concept & code: Kulttuuritiedotus